I'm Joshua Lennon. I am a board-certified, fellowship trained sleep physician with a background in clinical neuroscience. 

I have spent the last decade dedicated to improving sleep health.

Insomnia can impact all of us at some time, and unfortunately too many people struggle to get a good night's rest most of the time.

Proven cures for insomnia are simple, but not always easy.

Beyond insomnia, so many of us wake feeling just poorly rested.

At Well Rested MD, I break down evidence-based strategies, tips, and best practices to help you get a better night of sleep and wake feeling Well Rested.

If you've struggled with your sleep or just don't feel like your sleep is giving you the refresh your body needs, I am here for you.

No quick-fix scams, no profiteering hoaxes, no nonsense - just the most effective ways to feel Well Rested based on decades of high quality clinical research and millennia of wisdom!

I was born and raised outside Boston, MA. After completing my BS and MD degrees at the University of Miami, I completed my training in Neurology, then Adult and Pediatric Sleep Medicine at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. 

I currently live in the Memphis, TN area where I am the medical director for an American Academy of Sleep Medicine accredited sleep center, and assistant professor at the medical school teaching trainees at the medical student, resident, and fellow levels.  

I am lucky enough to have married my best friend and high school sweetheart. I love spending time with my incredible wife and two daughters. I can't get enough of all things sleep. I am a die-hard Red Sox fan. I enjoy reading practical philosophy and psychology. I find cosmology absolutely thrilling. I'll try any craft beer (as long as it's an IPA). And during the few hours a year of "free time" I get, I love playing, writing, and listening to Prog Rock!

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