Rest Assured

In this 6 week course you will learn the best evidence-based practices to fall asleep fast, stay asleep all night, and wake feeling Well Rested.

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Unlock Your Best Sleep For Less Than the Cost of Sleeping Pills

Not only is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI) more likely to result in remission of insomnia, it can be significantly more cost-effective than popular sleeping pills.

Rest Assured, the digital CBTI course, COSTS LESS THAN:

50 nights of Ambien CRTM

21 nights of DayvigoTM

18 nights of SonataTM

16 nights of BelsomraTM

14 nights of LunestaTM

14 nights of QuviviqTM


*Drug pricing data from GoodRx

Trouble falling asleep?

Reduce the time it takes to fall asleep

Waking up too much?

Reduce the time spent awake in the middle of the night

Feel poorly rested?

Improve the quality of your sleep and the quality of your wake

If you’ve been struggling with your sleep and wanting to wake Well Rested, now you can Rest Assured. 


Introducing my brand new online course for cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, Rest Assured. 

No gimmicks, no tricks, no non-sense. Just an accessible format of the same cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia intervention discussed in Episode 43 - the gold standard, first-line recommended treatment for insomnia. Not more drugs or more sleep studies. From the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the Choosing Wisely campaign, and the American College of Physicians, if you’re experiencing insomnia, the first-line intervention they recommend is CBTi, which is exactly what you’ll get with Rest Assured.  

And not only that, in addition to the weekly video lessons that you can tackle at your own pace, there are several helpful bonuses, including worksheets and audio versions of many of the exercises that you can download as well. 

And finally, in contrast to many of the DIY formats for CBTi you may find elsewhere, with Rest Assured, you’ll get direct access to me - a board-certified sleep medicine specialist - with biweekly office hours live on video to answer any questions, clarify any points in the video lessons, and help every student to master the material to improve his or her sleep. 

Rest Assured

Get access to:

  • 6 modules of digital cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia
  • An engaging community of students just like you
  • Live office hours with your instructor, a board-certified sleep physician
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Course Outline

Breaking free from insomnia doesn't have to break the bank


  • Average cost of popular sleeping pills over $2500 for 6 months of treatment
  • Face-to-face CBTi with a sleep psychologist can cost up to $1,500 for 6 sessions
  • Virtual CBTi delivered by a physician can cost $999 for 5 sessions
  • The first FDA-approved app for CBTi costs $900
  • Sleep coaching over the internet supervised by, but not delivered by a sleep psychologist costs $549
  • The most well-studied CBTi app (not available to most patients within the US) costs $400
  • A digital CBTi course for 5 weeks with no direct access to the instructor costs $299


With Rest Assured, you get 6 weeks of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, including 31 lessons, 10 bonus worksheets, 4 bonus audio files, access to a private community of fellow students, and twice monthly direct access to the instructor - a fellowship-trained board-certified sleep physician - all for just $249

Rest Assured


Best Value

  • 6 weekly modules of digital cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia
  • Bonus files, including 10 worksheets and 4 audio files
  • An engaging private community of students just like you
  • Live office hours with your instructor, a board-certified sleep physician
  • 6 months of full access