Episode 32


Spring R.A.I.N. Ahead

Wait, daylight savings again? More clocks to change, more disasters to avert. And Spring Ahead? So we lose an hour of sleep?!

In this episode, once again we find ourselves approaching daylight savings.  Such a short amount of standard time! So as we jump back into time torture for no good reason,  we’ll do so with the grace of a Spring R.A.I.N.

Check out Episode 13 for a refresher on the unnecessary harm caused by daylight savings time and transitions. We are facing yet again another time torture courtesy of our government, as we Spring Ahead into daylight savings at the cost of lives and able-bodies. So we do the best we can. You can soften the blow by making the adjustment to daylight savings over several days instead of one, by getting up a little earlier each day before Sunday. You can guard yourself against an hour of lost sleep by going to bed a little earlier each night for several nights. But don’t worry if it doesn’t pan out flawlessly. We’re just trying to avoid unnecessary suffering.

When you're having a tough time - whether in relation to time shifts or anything at all, remember R.A.I.N. Recognize, Allow, Investigate, and Non-identification.


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