Episode 71

cbti insomnia rest assured Mar 22, 2022

Rest Assured

If you’ve been struggling with your sleep, wanting to wake Well Rested, now you can Rest Assured. 

In this episode, I’ll provide an overview of my brand new online course for cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, Rest Assured. 

No gimmicks, no tricks, no non-sense. Just an accessible format of the same cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia intervention discussed in Episode 43 - the gold standard, first-line recommended treatment for insomnia. Not more drugs or more sleep studies. From the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the American College of Physicians, if you’re experiencing insomnia, the first-line intervention they recommend is CBTi, which is exactly what you’ll get with Rest Assured.  

And not only that, in addition to the weekly video lessons that you can tackle at your own pace, there are several helpful bonuses, including worksheets and audio versions of many of the exercises that you can download as well. 

And finally, in contrast to many of the DIY formats for CBTi you may find elsewhere, with Rest Assured, you’ll get direct access to me - a board-certified sleep medicine specialist - with biweekly office hours live on video to answer any questions, clarify any points in the video lessons, and help every student to master the material to improve his or her sleep. 


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