Episode 70


Sleep Hacks

If your sleep just ain’t hacking it, what should you do?

In this episode, I’ll explore the important difference between a one-off “sleep hack” and the sleep-promoting lifestyle habits discussed across the episodes of this podcast.

Sleep hacks are hocked by hacks, charlatans, snake oil salesmen. Resisting pain only breeds more suffering. The more effective approach is one of routine, habits, of a generally healthy lifestyle - healthy body, healthy mind. 

With acceptance and compassion we see truly where we stand. 

With the dichotomy of control, we appreciate our power to change our response to our circumstance. 

By laying out our values, we see clearly what matters to us and what doesn’t. 

With this roadmap as our guide, we can remove any obstacle not aligned with our values. And usually that includes moderation of substances and screens, good nutrition, moving our bodies, increasing our vulnerability in close relationships, and pro-social contribution from serving others or by our craft. 

The morning routine examples in Episode 52 are just one illustration of putting some of that together in the first hour or two of your day. 

I’m sure you can be even more creative in designing the rest of your life even more effectively, even better aligned with the things that bring you meaning and the healthy habits that just so happen to promote good sleep. 


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