Episode 8


Wellness Recipe: Sleep, Eat, Play


The main ingredients for your Best Life recipe are rather simple: sleep well, eat well, and play well.

In other words, get an adequate amount of good quality sleep, consume a nutritious diet of sufficient calories, and burn those calories with activity - especially physical activity, but social, emotional, and cognitive activity too.

And how these ingredients are processed matters a great deal. Cooking them in a vacuum will only do you so much good, but adding them together with an unhealthy mindset can leave you bitter, disappointed, and feeling burnt out. The context of these life activities, of these key ingredients is just as important.

To live well, you must sleep well; you must eat well; you must play well; and you must do all of this with Wisdom.

Aim for an appropriate quantity and quality of sleep, and try to avoid things that could negatively impact your sleep.

Eating well is easier now in the 21st century than ever before in the history of the world, with more options becoming easier to find. The more plant-based, the better; and if meat is going to be part of your diet, choose fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids; avoid overly processed foods like fast food and sugary drinks like sodas.

And be active - socially, creatively, cognitively, and absolutely physically active.

And approaching all of this with the Wisdom of knowing what you can and cannot control is the real key to the good life.

That is the Wellness Recipe.


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