Episode 7

sleep hygiene Sep 15, 2020

Guilt and Your Sleep Habits

If you’ve been losing sleep over feelings of guilt after hearing the prior episodes and all the ways that your behavior can screw up your sleep, this episode is just for you

A frequent response to learning more about sleep or insomnia is a sense that any shortcomings or difficulties are the result of you doing this to yourself. It is understandable that you may be experiencing feelings of guilt or shame about your sleep habits.

There are a lot of things in life that can cause insomnia and feeling poorly rested that are not under your conscious control. But you do have opportunities in your thinking patterns and in your behavioral patterns to control what you can - and influence the things you cannot - to give yourself the best chance of feeling well rested everyday

Your past actions, your previous thoughts, your old behaviors - whether done in ignorance or full awareness - they all provide you the opportunity for growth and improvement. You could not have gotten here without them. We should all feel a deep appreciation for all the ugly and beauty of our pasts, because it has brought us here now with opportunity and the charge - for us to do better.

And now fully armed with this new information - best practices for healthy sleep and waking well-rested - focus on the positive, on the knowledge that with better tools, you can now build yourself a better future where you can sleep well, wake well and thrive - all because - literally all thanks to - your past.


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