Episode 10


Sooth The Racing Mind


How can you take back control of your own mind? 

The answer my friend, is rather simple: practicing Intention, Attention, and doing so with Love.

Mindfulness is the capacity to be with your experience, without judgment and with kindness, with a loving curiosity. Meditation takes many forms in many cultures, but comes down to the simple idea of intentional focus. You can meditate on a thought, an idea, a color, a person, a value, a virtue, an act - anything at all. 

The more you notice your mind wandering or thoughts racing, the more you get to practice the skill of refocusing your attention.

The more you practice the intention of accepting your thoughts without judgment and the more you practice the skill of attention, the easier it becomes, the more automatic it becomes.

And the less automatic mind racing becomes as a result of cultivating your loving intention for attention


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