Episode 67


Redesigning Her Sleep

If you could design your ideal sleep from scratch, what would that look like? What if you were starting from the point of intractable insomnia - what kind of design updates would you choose then?

In this episode, I sit down with Donna, who shares her story of just terrible sleep woes. Suffering for more than 15 years, she had her share of experiences with sleep clinics and medicines and over the counter remedies in multiple countries - all with the same effect of not providing relief. And it wasn’t until she heard the story of someone like her, who suffered just like she was suffering, that she was able to find a way out, to redesign her sleep from being defined by insomnia, to now one defined by feeling well rested.

To find out more about Donna and her free ebook on learning to sleep again, check out her website at https://designyoursleep.com/


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