Episode 9


Mindracing 101: Why Can’t I Turn Off My Mind?


Your mind has a mind of its own. Your brain is good at thinking. Your brain is searching for threats, and when found, addresses them the only way it knows how: thinking.

You did not ask for this ancient brain in a modern world. Your brain is just trying to do its best to protect you - to seek out threats large and small, even if many of these threats turn out to not be real.

And the more these thoughts are rehearsed (intentionally or unintentionally), the more easily they become automatic. But that tricky brain of yours is not self-destructive in its automating negative thoughts - it's just doing its job of thinking.

Which means if you provide it something more positive, more helpful or frankly even just more neutral to think about, those kinds of thoughts can be automated as well, which is a much more pleasant way to live, a much easier path to wellbeing, and interferes much less with your ability to fall asleep and wake feeling well rested.

Next episode, I will review in more depth how to accomplish this.


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