Episode 40


Mother's Day

This weekend we celebrate with 1/365th those who bear the weight of keeping humanity alive the other 364 days of the year.

This weekend is Mother’s Day and we’ll mark the occasion by reviewing some of the sleep challenges faced by the better half of humanity.

Women, and mothers in particular, are certainly not immune from difficulties with sleep - quite the opposite.

Sleep health significantly affects sexual health and function, including fertility and successfully carrying baby to term. Rates of insomnia and restless legs are significantly higher among women, especially during pregnancy. And when those struggles get the best of them, including insufficient sleep duration and sleep disordered breathing, complications increase as well.

Thankfully, Moms and babies are helped significantly by a little intervention in her sleep.

Treating sleep disordered breathing significantly reduces birth complications like prematurity and unplanned C-sections.

Just three short classes on sleep health significantly reduce depression and significantly improve sleep quality and consolidation during pregnancy.

A brief 6-week version of what we’ve been covering here over the last 40 weeks has been shown to significantly reduce pregnancy-related insomnia, sleep efficiency, sleep quality, as well as improve depressive and anxiety symptoms.

15 minutes of aerobic exercise 3 times a week for brand new moms significantly improves stress, fatigue, sleep quality and sleep efficiency.

There is nothing easy about being a women or a mother. And 1/365th is not enough recognition and validation of their journey. But the least we can do is support our women and mothers, including by supporting their sleep. So happy Mothers Day to all, and to all the sweetest dreams. 


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