Episode 53

sleep apnea sleep studies Nov 16, 2021

eXciting Sleep Transformation

Wouldn’t it be great to feel excited about going to bed every night? 

In this week’s episode, I sit down with a special guest, Ryan, to talk with him about his journey to waking up Well Rested. 

You’ll hear his story, beginning with not a terrible sleep experience, but the sense that something just wasn’t right. Several years ago he did see a sleep specialist, but after finding that there wasn’t anything terribly wrong, he headed down one path after another of prescription and over the counter interventions in search of sleeping better, but never finding the relief he was seeking.

Then, with the pandemic bringing health concerns back to the forefront, he again sought professional sleep health, this time with a different specialist and did end up finding something that worked for him. 

Click the player above to listen to his story of sleep transformation.


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